Anyrox : the new generation of radiation protection screens

Protection • Mobility • Sanitary • Design

Anyrox is a new generation of radiation protection draft shield that is totally innovative in its antibacterial protection, ergonomics and design.

Anyrox is available in fixed or mobile, single or 3-sided models, it is perfectly suited for use in radiology, neurology, interventional cardiology, operating rooms, intensive care units etc.

Thanks to the partnership with the Clinipole group (a key player in healthcare in the Occitania region), the Anyrox draft shield was able to be tested at the Clinique du Parc by the IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et Sureté Nucléaire) in the operating room and in the imaging department. The technology was validated by the IRSN in June 2017 and meets the NF C15-160 standard.

The technological innovations of the Anyrox folding screen:

> Superior X-ray protection
> Enhanced personnel protection with leaded base
> Easy handling and movement with 4 handles and wheels for the mobile model
> Increased work comfort and safety for personnel thanks to the integrated work surface on the protected side

Hygiene innovations

The Anyrox Draft Shield features an outer panel coated with antimicrobial film from Hexis Pure Zone ensuring 99.99% reduction in bacterial growth.

The 4 handles of the draft shield feature the MetalSkin Medical® treatment from MetalSkin Technologies, ensuring 99.99% bacteria removal.

a very special design

Created in collaboration with François Combaud, Designer, the Anyrox folding screen features a current and sober design that fits perfectly into healthcare facilities.