Anyrox: the new generation of radiation shielding screens

An innovation from Montpellier resulting from a partnership between the Clinipole Group and the Arcita Company

The product of a partnership between the renowned Clinique du Parc (Clinipole Group) and the Arcita Company, Anyrox is a new-generation radiation shielding screen. With its optimized antibacterial protection, ease of use and design, it is innovative in all respects.

Anyrox is available in version that can be permanently installed or transported, in one or three panels.The Anyrox screen is ideal for use in radiology, neuroradiology, interventional cardiology, operating theatres, recovery rooms, etc.

Thanks to our partnership with the Clinipole Group in Montpellier (France), the Anyrox screen was tested by the IRSN (the official French institute for radiation protection and nuclear security) in both the facility’s operating theatres and medical imagery service. The IRSN validated the technology in June 2017; it is compliant with the NF C15-160 standard.

Technological innovations of the Anyrox screen:

> Improved protection against X-rays
> The leaded base provides the operating staff with increased protection from exposure
> With four handles, in addition to castors for the mobile unit, handling and transport are now easier
> Improved working conditions and security for the staff thanks to the work counter that is intergrated on the protected side


We also offer health and safety innovations

The exterior panel of the Anyrox screen is covered with an antimicrobial Hexis Pure Zone film to guarantee a 99.99% reduction of microbial contamination.

The four handles of the screen are treated using MetalSkin Technologies© to ensure that 99.99% of bacteria are eliminated.

And of course, a unique design

The Anyrox screen was conceived in collaboration with interior designer François Combaud. Its contemporary, sleek appearance is perfectly suited to health care facilities.